Our team of passionate travel experts bring decades of experience and a wealth of expertise to every journey throughout Mongolia and beyond.  Our trip planners create an immersive travel experience that will challenge you, move you and inspire you.

Founder & CEO

DOLJINSUREN Enkhtaivan (Doljo)

Doljo has over 25 years of experience delivering unforgettable experiences for travelers while working in western expedition company, well-known in  the country’s hospitality industry.  She oversees the overall operation and product development for Compass Mongolia. She is fluent in English, Russian and German. Doljo also volunteers as a Risk Manager and National Treasurer at CISV Mongolia since 2014.

Director of Operations

BATMUNKH Altangerel (Baagi)

His professional expertise covers over 15 years in the Mongolian tourism industry. He earned his  Bachelor degree in Tourism Management from the Mongolian National University in 2006. As Director of Operations, he often leads adventure-minded trips that include overland driving, eagle hunting, hiking, horse riding, and camel riding. In his spare time, he travels a lot and enjoys photography.

Operations/ Office Manager

SOLONGOTSETSEG Dansran (Solongo)

Solongo is the operations manager in our Ulaanbaatar office. She joined Compass Mongolia after graduation from the National Academy of Governance with a Master degree in Business Administration in 2015. As well, she has a Bachelor degree in International Relations from Institute of International Studies. Outside of the office, she enjoys reading and hiking.

Expedition Support Manager

ORGIL Tumurbaatar

Orgil is young, creative individual, using his experience with up-to-date, high standard user experience practices in his role as a Graphic Designer for the company. During his summer holidays, Orgil travels a lot as a support staff to ensure that the logistics of the complex trip run smoothly. As a team member of CISV family world-wide, he also leads Mongolian children to participate summer camps all over world.

Chef Financial Officer

NARANTUYA Sharkhuu (Naraa)

She earned her Master Degree in Business Administration from the Institute of Finance & Economy in 2010 and since she has been working as an accountant in private sector. Mother of four, her passion is yoga, table tennis and reading.


We always looking for creative, guest-centric people with a passion for travel and share the experience  to join our Ulaanbaatar based office.